Sam's Flying Scoops @ JNX

Quality makes the best Ice Cream
First lets start with store bought ice cream which can be up to a year old! Sam's Flying Scoops ice cream comes directly from the creamery and is served within a couple of days of being made.
Next, most ice creams contain 10-12% butterfat and there are a few brands of truly "premium" ice cream which contains 14%.  We took it up a step and started with the BEST cream from Simply Natural Creamery which naturally consists of 16% butterfat, made from Jersey Milk.  This combined with the dairy utilizing a lower-temperature pasteurization process which maintains richer and creamy flavor gives you superior ice cream like you have never had.

What is a Jersey Cow and why is their milk different from the rest?  Your typical heffer, is a holstein cow.  These dairy cows are known for their quantity of milk, not their quality.  Jersey cows are quite different.  Jersey cow milk has an astounding 15-20% more protein, 15-18% more calcium, 10-12% more phosphorus and higher levels of Vitamin B12.  Jersey cows are also an A2 dominant breed of cow.  What that means is most people do not have ill effects of milk and lactose because it does not have the A1 beta-casein protein found in the other breeds.  A2 beta-casein proteins are also safer for diabetics.  

The cows at Simply Natural have the life!  They graze in open fields when they want and rest in shelters when tired.  The herd is fed by the crops that the dairy grows specifically for their girls.  They are never given any hormones either.  

At Sam's Flying Scoops, our Ice Cream uses more cream than the rest.  Combined with natural vanilla, the finest ingredients and real fruit, you will always experience the best in taste and quality!